Y Giridhar Appaji Nag's piece of web

Hello World! I am Y Giridhar Appaji Nag and this is my vanity domain, welcome aboard. One of these days, I'll have something here that will (try to) truly dazzle you (yea, popped out eye-balls, starry objects apparently around the cranium, things like that). But while that is on its way, please make do with whatever is on my chunk-o-web right now.

For first time visitors, I present the webiquitous little-bit-of-history page (where there is more about me than you might want to know) and my ego trip disguised as people's opinion about me. I have a small picture of mine here but I don't even remotely look anything like that now (For starters, these days I am available in colour and in dimensions more than 75px × 100px).

My work page talks about things I do for a living, and the interests corner, things that I do when I don't do things that I do for a living! (that includes taking pictures, free software, reading, etc.). People I care for - a short page on my family. And this friends list should be worth a visit if our paths ever happened to cross.

If you aren't muttering profanities or gnawing your teeth in agony after reading those, you are either interested in me or bored (the former is flattering, thank you), so proceed to my journal - Morsels of life! (RSS, Atom) which is mostly boring and sometimes geeky, but the most up-to-date part of this site for obvious reasons.

Recent pictures are in the photostream (RSS, Atom). There is a consolidated list of resources (probably the only useful part of this site) and my scribblings. Significant changes to this website are archived as major additions and changes that were done so far. And this is a bird eye view.

Feedback is much appreciated, do leave a note on my guestbook or feel free to contact me.